Mixed reality – the future exposed in Position magazine

Angus Taylor explores spatial in virtual reality. VR and AR is the key focus in the upcoming Position magazine.

The upcoming issue of Position magazine looks ahead by exploring some of the most exciting developments in location technology. Here are some the key features you can look forward to in the June/July issue of Position:

  • Augmented and virtual reality – bringing realism to location data. We look at the new ways to view and manipulate data and how they are freeing up the location industry.
  • Fresh off the release of the latest Geoscape dataset, DigitalGlobe founder Walter Scott discusses machine learning, cubesats and how to launch a start-up like DigitalGlobe in 2017.
  • Agriculture to feed the world: Position editor Anthony Wallace explores how the evolution of the tech-enabled farm promises to revolutionise agriculture from all sides: on the ground, from the air, in the cloud and even in the delivery to market.
  • And, we hear about the Boundary Rider app, a cutting-edge vineyard cyber monitoring system, is keeping Australia’s valuable wine industry free of devastating pests and diseases. Using geofencing and smartphone app technology, the solution shows potential for all types of agricultural applications.
  • 2026Agenda update: We bring you a detailed breakdown of the 10 year plan to save Australia’s spatial sector and make the most of growth opportunities.
  • Datum modernisation – GDA2020, AUSGeoid2020 & ATRF explained: This article provides a much needed translation of the government rhetoric on how exactly the new datums will affect surveyors, spatial scientists and anybody who depends on location (or everyone else).

You’ll learn about these issues and a whole lot more in the June/July issue of Position, which comes out 9th June. If you have anything to contribute to these discussions or if you would like to look into reaching our audience of spatial and surveying professionals contact Jon Tkach at

Position magazine is available exclusively in print subscription. Past issues can be read online.

Position is the only ANZ-wide independent publication for the spatial and surveying sectors and the official publication of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI).

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