Capturing Australia’s Built Environment


Geoscape is PSMA’s award-winning new initiative to capture Australia’s built environment and anchor it in a reliable geospatial base.

The dataset includes 3D building attributes, land cover and tree heights. Geoscape also captures features such as roof materials, swimming pools and solar panels.

Geoscape differs from other existing 3D representations of city areas in three key ways:

  1. Geoscape’s coverage is national – it will cover the whole of Australia.
  2. Geoscape will be maintained on a regular basis so that it depicts the built environment as it changes.
  3.  Geoscape includes linkages to other important geospatial reference datasets including geocoded address, property boundary data and the transport network.


Geoscape evaluation data now available for download

Our first capture phase covering 16,500 square kilometres in the Adelaide region has been completed and we are now excited to make a sample of data available for download. The Geoscape Evaluation Dataset comprises a 25 square kilometre area approximately 5 kilometres south/south west of Adelaide’s central business district. This covers an area that is entirely ‘urban’ and takes in 25 suburbs. This area also includes a reasonable proportion of buildings with solar panels and properties with swimming pools. Detailed information on the attributes included are in the Product Description.

What’s included?

The 300MB zip file will include the following formats for evaluation:

  • MapInfo TAB File
  • ESRI Shapefile
  • Raster layers
  • Raster imagery of the sample area
  • An example QGIS project.


Documentation supporting the evaluation data is also included.

Let us know what you think

Please note that the product is still in development, and this data is extracted from our production pilot. Complete product specifications including attributes, output formats and pricing are still being finalised.

We hope you enjoy looking at this sample data and we would love to receive any feedback or questions you may have.

Why is PSMA investing in Geoscape?

Easily extractable information about the built environment empowers a wide range of decision-making including government service design, urban and regional planning and management, risk estimation, and emergency response.

Geoscape provides a national model, making the availability of Geoscape an exciting milestone in support of Australia’s digital economy.


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