LISTECH Neo 2015 is new generation geospatial software.

Neo GS

Neo seamlessly transfers information to and from GIS, BIM, CAD, Google Earth, Leica DBX, XML, LISCAD and many other systems, making it extremely versatile for combining, manipulating and moving data between various office systems and/or the field.


Key to Neo is the ability to design and tailor attribute definitions to suit client needs. Defining attributes with Neo is easy; you can create them automatically simply by importing from another system or easily add and edit them with the powerful Neo functionality. Attributes can also be set to automatically populate with default values and optionally increment as objects are created.
Neo allows you to deliver products tailored exactly to your client needs.


The integrated 2D/3D environment allows viewing of all information in 3D. This visual reality combined with extremely fast graphics and streamlined workflow ensures maximum productivity.


Field surveyors are able to use Neo’s integrated measurement database, for complete control over the processing and reduction of field surveys, and the quality control that comes from the measurement /object relationships inherent in the Neo system.
Rigorous geodetic computations and editing functionality allow information collected in the field to be reduced, new objects created and data from all sources to be edited or manipulated. All or selected data can then be seamlessly transferred to field instruments for setout or to other systems such as GIS and BIM for other purposes.

Plane or geodetic systems using known ellipsoids, projections, transformations and geoid models are supported. Transformations can be performed between coordinate systems.

Neo projects are template based, so new projects with the required customisation are created simply by selecting the appropriate template.

Sample project templates are included, which allows for quick and easy initial project creation. In addition custom tailored templates with user required attributes and settings are easily saved for future use.

Neo is an expanding portfolio of modules, whereby you can purchase or subscribe only the modules that you require for your specific needs, and at a later date purchase additional modules if and when you require them.


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