Optimize Pipeline Surveys in the Field and Office

Faster, More Reliable Deliverables

Pipeline surveys introduce a big challenge to surveyors. They must capture precise positions as well as a plethora of attribute data, all while being chased by the crew back-filling the ditch. After this work is done, they must compile all the data they’ve captured in the data collector and scribbled in their field book, and spend countless hours creating a deliverable to finish out the day.

The new Trimble® Access™ Pipelines application provides a Trimble Access module for pipeline surveys, enabling the creation and validation of pipeline asset inventory; recording of the relationship between welds, bends and pipes; and recording the final as-built location of key pipeline attributes. Once the pipeline is surveyed, all inventory data will be electronically linked, allowing for quick deliverables.


All data is recorded electronically, available for referencing during every step of the process, and all recorded attributes are stored with the survey data. This process streamlines the workflows, saving valuable project time and resources, in both the field and office.

Trimble Access Pipelines integrates seamlessly into the widely-used Trimble Access suite of products and services, as well as many other Trimble Geospatial offerings, including Trimble Business Center office software. All field data can be seamlessly transferred into Trimble Business Center to produce rich, complete deliverables including as-built plots using its Advanced Drafting module.


Trimble solutions enable workers to send reliable, secure data to the office and produce top-quality deliverables, improving efficiency, productivity and customer service.

When you need exceptional tools for your projects, Trimble Geospatial has a solution to meet your needs. Find out more:

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