Precision GPR for every application

Q2C 600 x 400

From locating deep utilities and geotechnical assets, through to shallow precision structural applications, the US Radar range offers a number of industry-leading and unique features that will increase productivity and the accuracy of your results. Plus, all systems can be fitted with GNSS for simultaneous positioning information.

Now with triple frequency, the Quantum Imager by US Radar is capable of significantly greater depths with higher resolution than any other locating technology. Stepped Ultra Wideband Pulses combine the advantages of pulse radar and stepped frequency radar to offer unsurpassed resolution & depth.


New Direct RF sampling technology creates clearer, easier to understand images than previously possible with older radar technologies. All these technologies work transparently behind the scenes to make locating easier.

The Q5C is a buried utility location workhorse. It is easy to use yet it can be expanded and configured for other applications and needs as required. With its unique range of integrated technologies, it is the most powerful GPR on the market today for locating utilities up to five metres deep at high resolution.

With an easy to fold rough terrain cart and self-calibrating system it’s easy to transport, set-up and use in the most hostile environments too. The software system is designed for accuracy and ease of use as well. With SmartStack and StreetSmart Real-Time Processing software, you can get all data on screen as you go. This gives you quality information and eliminates the need for post-processing. Add to this the Auto-Configure and Depth Calibration and you’ve got an easy to use system from the outset to the end.


For more information about the full range of US Radar GPR technology, contact Position Partners on 1300 867 266 or visit

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