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Faro Freestyle3D (6)

FARO’s new Freestyle3D handheld laser scanner is ideal for creating high precision, three dimensional scans of complex rooms, structures and objects.

By capturing only the data you need, the Freestyle3D minimises data processing times to give you precise point cloud and 3D models in minutes.

The FARO Freestyle3D can be used for any project that requires detailed scans of complex structures, including architecture, interior design, restoration, construction, facility management, forensics and accident reconstruction, among others.


Faro Freestyle3D (4)

This incredibly easy to use laser scanner weighs less than a kilogram, making it the most portable industrial-grade handheld device on the market. Unlike static 3D laser scanners that may require multiple setups to capture complex objects, the Freestyle3D can scan narrow spaces from every angle with ease.

With real time point cloud visualisation, the Freestyle3D ensures you capture the data you need and enables inexperienced operators to create highly detailed 3D scans with minimum training required.

7N7A1342_JH EDIT_PPT Version


The standard model comes with 1.5mm 3D point accuracy (measured in 1m distance), with an indoor scanning volume of up to eight square metres (8m2). Customers requiring the ultimate in laser scanning precision can choose the Freestyle3D Xtra for 1.0mm 3D point accuracy.

The FARO Freestyle3D is sold and supported by Position Partners, FARO’s exclusive Australian partner for 3D documentation and survey systems.

For more information contact:
Position Partners
1300 867 266

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