AAM to license Pointerra technology for 3D data

Pointerra provides an end-to-end Data as a Service (DaaS) solution for managing, distributing & visualising 3D data.

Little known geospatial startup, Pointerra, is in the process of making massive 3D datasets easier to work with and rolling out its offerings to both spatial and non-spatial organisations.

The Perth-based company entered the Australian Stock Exchange in December 2016, and it appears to be swiftly growing momentum. One of Australia’s largest geospatial services provider, AAM, has just entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Pointerra to commercially licence its 3D geospatial technology.

AAM has been modelling the built and natural environment in 3D since 1995 and claims to be the largest private holder of GIS data in Australia. AAM has been at the forefront of 3D aerial surveying for many years and has compiled a comprehensive temporal library of 3D data and derivative products.

AAM currently provides access to this valuable data through various channels, including its GEOCIRRUS cloud-based GIS solution via a Data as a Service model and the GEOCIRRUS Discovery Portal. However, as part of expanding and improving its GEOCIRRUS strategy, AAM has agreed to licence, under a commercial agreement, Pointerra’s unique 3D geospatial technology. Both parties are currently working to integrate Pointerra’s technology into GEOCIRRUS, enabling AAM to more effectively sell access to its 3D data library.

Under the MOU, Pointerra will also be licenced by AAM to sell access to AAM’s 3D data and derivative products through its own 3D data marketplace.

In commenting on the agreement, AAM’s CEO, Mark Freeburn, commented: “When we launched GEOCIRRUS in 2015 AAM was one of the first geospatial organisations in the world to provide a cloud-based delivery solution and DaaS marketplace. By partnering with Pointerra we have added a step-change in dimension and scale by being able to visualise and promote access for our customers to our considerable library of 3D datasets.”

“Pointerra’s technology will help us leverage this data to grow our GEOCIRRUS marketplace. We are also excited to be part of Pointerra’s global marketplace for 3D data and see the relationship as a win for both organisations.”

Pointerra’s Managing Director, Ian Olson said: “We are delighted to have secured an important data partner in AAM, who are the pre-eminent geospatial and GIS business in our region. The MOU and subsequent licence and partnership agreement represent another milestone in Pointerra’s vision to lead the global market for 3D data. We are working on similar software licence, partnership and data licensing relationships with other leading regional and global enterprise partners and data owners.”

“The common theme of these relationships and agreements is to monetise Pointerra’s technology through a mix of licence fees and royalty payments and to add to Pointerra’s world-first 3D data library as part of our global 3D data marketplace,” Mr Olson concluded.

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