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GPS reliability to be boosted for aviation

Pilots and air navigation service providers in 56 countries will gain access to more reliable GPS data.

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Interview: Matt Higgins on 50 years of GPS

In a wide-ranging interview, Matt Higgins distils the 50-year history of GPS and expounds on the future of PNT.

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Space Command officer got his start with GPS

Lieutenant Jason Wang tested a GPS unit for his electrical engineering thesis, sparking an interest in space.

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GPR + GPS reveals the underground world

Multi-channel ground penetrating radar is uncovering new possibilities for surveying companies.

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Bringing stable timing to places GPS can’t reach

A new type of miniature atomic clock could provide better timing over the span of weeks and months.

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Drones with precise positioning, such as RTK/PPK, are becoming common with those using them for mapping purposes. Is there ever a time when GCPs are not necessary?

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New GPS III satellite launched on recycled rocket

GPS III satellites provide three times greater accuracy and eight times greater anti-jamming capability.

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Going beyond GPS for shared mobility services

Industry and community expectations for e-scooter safety is taking the industry beyond GPS technology.

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Interview: Graeme Hooper, GPSat Systems

In our new Leaders Forum, we ask experts to look ahead into 2022. Today we talk GNSS with Graeme Hooper.

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Latest GPS III M-Code satellite launched

The M-Code satellites should provide three times more accuracy and a more-secure, harder-to-jam GPS signal.

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