Read online: Position #86 available in digital

2017’s first issue of Position magazine is now available for free online reading. Position magazine is the only ANZ-wide independent publication for the spatial and surveying sectors.

The special features of the December/January Position map out the spatial disruptions to watch in 2017. As the annual Directory Issue, the December/January Position also includes the 22-page business directory- your guide to the key players of the Australasian spatial landscape.

Among many other things, Issue#86 covers the solidification of multi-GNSS, the race for alternative remote sensing, surveying’s role in sustainable development and open GIS standards for global applications. Some of the stories featured this issue include:

Read Position Magazine #86 Online


Out now in print

While the December/January is the latest issue of Position available in digital, the latest print issue is the October/November issue- currently available exclusively through print subscription.

The issue’s cover story “Where Capture Meets Reality” pits opposing opinions on the future of 3D spatial data capture against each other to offer a vision of the future in surveying for reality modelling. A number of other exclusive articles cover the “Dynamics & Datums” focus of the issue, offering expertise on datum adoption as Australia gears up for GDA2020 and ATRF. Issue 87 will be available in digital for Spatial Source subscribers in the coming weeks. 

Coming very soon

As the “Locate17 Super Issue” the forthcoming April/May issue of Position will be one not to miss out on. With insights from NSW Surveyor General Narelle Underwood, Jon Fairall’s predictions for driverless and flying cars, and a debate on the prospect of drones entitled “Surveying’s new fact, or another passing fad?”, you will want to get your hands on a copy of the upcoming Position #88.

If you or your business would like to get involved in the Locate17 Super Issue, either through editorial or advertising, please contact Jon Tkach,

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