Faster than real-time flood modelling software

By on 26 February, 2013


Eonfusion Flood is a hydrodynamic modelling software package created by Australian software company, Myriax, for a broad range of potential users, including government bodies, councils, environmental consultants, catchment management authorities and engineering consultants.

Many existing flood modelling software packages are expensive to purchase and require significant training to define the right modelling conditions. Eonfusion Flood provides cost effective, desktop-based, real time simulation of 2D grid- and 3D particle-based fluid dynamics, enabling users to accurately model flow with a minimum of data input and with very low learning overheads. The model works within a familiar, interactive user environment.

Recent floods on the east coast of Australia and around the world have highlighted the catastrophic damage that floods can cause. Accurate and cost effective flood modelling will allow governments, insurers, and planners more detail in their assessments. Dr Matt Wilson, CEO of Myriax, said, “Eonfusion Flood is designed for water professionals. It provides the ability to model the dynamics of flooding in rivers and on flood plains, in dam break and overtopping scenarios, and for urban risk assessment. The risk to property and infrastructure can now be visualised clearly and quickly.”

Dr. Wilson also said: “Bringing this level of speed and value to our users, while not reducing the quality of output, has been a driving goal for the Eonfusion Flood software since its inception. We’re excited to bring this product to local councils, Federal and State governments, and the engineering community, who will ultimately use Eonfusion Flood to assess risk and make lives safer.”

Sven Rand from Pitt and Sherry, a consulting engineering company, said “As a beta tester, we’ve been able to provide feedback and see enhancements on what is already a finely-tuned product. We were impressed with the ease of use and minimal training required to implement Eonfusion Flood for practical outcomes. We have now purchased and will continue to use Eonfusion Flood at Pitt and Sherry across a wide range of applications.”

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