Position Magazine announces August/September features

The editorial team behind Position is putting together another stellar issue of Position magazine. Here is just some of what you can look forward to in the August/September issue of Position:

  • Manned v Unmanned – Many observers don’t realise that manned sensors have evolved at the same pace as UAV technology. But which of the two will be left flying high?
  • Drone Delivery: logistics takes to the skies – Our on-demand culture is driving faster and more precise deliveries. We explore how spatial technologies are making this possible.
  • Future transport: clearing the roads for driverless technologies – A definitive new report identifies the specific technologies required for a safe and efficient driverless future. Editor Anthony Wallace highlights the spatial tech that will be needed to get us there.
  • Making waves on the Internet – A world leader in hydrographic surveying reveals the tricks of the trade in creating the world’s elaborate network of subsea cables.
  • Digital transformation: We take a look at solutions that are helping geo-enable organisations large and small.
  • Datum modernisation – GDA2020, AUSGeoid2020 & ATRF explained: This article provides a much needed translation of the government rhetoric on how exactly the new datums will affect surveyors, spatial scientists and anybody who depends on location (or everyone else).

You’ll learn about these issues and a whole lot more in the August/September issue of Position, which comes out 4th August.

Position magazine is the only Australasia-wide independent publication for surveying and spatial sciences and is the official magazine of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI).

If you have anything to contribute to these discussions or if you would like to look into reaching our audience of spatial and surveying professionals contact Jon Tkach at

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