Position Partners opens New Zealand branch

Position Partners New Zealand

Position Partners has expanded into New Zealand with a new branch in Christchurch. The Australian-owned company has stated that the move to New Zealand comes from an increase in international demand for its services.

“Since introducing new technologies – such as ground penetrating radar and Unmanned Aerial Systems – in Australia, we’ve noted a rise in demand from other countries, including New Zealand,” explained Martin Nix, Position Partners CEO.

“It makes sense [for Position Partners] to open a branch in Christchurch that will offer a range of solutions and support services for the surveying, engineering, mining and construction industries,” he added.

Managing the new branch is New Zealand Sales Manager, Jamie Nelson. Having worked for Position Partners for two and a half years as a machine systems specialist in Australia, Mr Nelson, who is a New Zealand national, is excited about the opportunities to grow business in his home country.

“There is a great deal of opportunity to increase efficiencies and productivity through new technology such as UAS and GPR,” Mr Nelson said. “People are interested in learning more about these innovative solutions and I’m looking forward to getting out on the road to demonstrate how they can increase a company’s bottom line.”

Mr Nelson said he is confident of success thanks to the backing of Position Partners’ extensive team in Australia. “With more than 200 colleagues and an array of product and business area specialists to support the New Zealand operations, our customers can be assured of the highest standards of expertise and support,” he said.

Position Partners New Zealand offers sales, hire, services and training across a range of products including mobile mapping and scanning solutions, US Radar ground penetrating radar (GPR), MAVinci and AscTec Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Carlson machine guidance.

The office is located at 9/31 Stevens Street, Waltham, Christchurch.

For more information, call 03 366 1726 or visit the New Zealand Position Partners website.

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