New weapon in the anti-drone wars

By on 8 March, 2021

DroneShield has released the DroneCannon MKII UAS/drone disruption device.

DroneShield has released the DroneCannon MKII, the next generation fixed-site UAS/drone disruption device.

Following on the numerous successful deployments of the first generation DroneCannon around the world, the DroneCannon MKII is substantially lighter and more portable, with increased durability and versatility made possible through significant advancements in DroneShield’s proprietary waveform technologies, mechanical design and customised electronics.

A non-kinetic countermeasure, the DroneCannon MKII can disrupt UAS at significant ranges, enabling users to cover large sites with minimal installation points. Through DroneShield’s DroneSentry-C2 software the DroneCannon MKII can be paired with DroneShield’s DroneSentry fixed site detection sensors such as the RfOne MKII, enabling it to disrupt UAS threats autonomously, removing the need for a “man in the loop” system.

With the capability to disrupt multiple bands simultaneously including GNSS, the DroneCannon MKII ensures customers are protected from commercial off-the-shelf drones as well as custom threats, now commonplace in asymmetric warfare in global conflicts. RF disruption is especially effective against “UAS swarm” attacks and wide antenna azimuth and elevation provide complete coverage from threats including drones directly above the sensor. Frequency bands can be individually activated and de-activated providing more control to the user and reducing the collateral effects of RF disruption.

DroneShield CEO Oleg Vornik commented: “DroneCannon MKII, with its lighter, more compact design, ruggedness and incorporation of advanced technologies, integrates seamlessly within DroneShield’s DroneSentry C-UAS ecosystem, and with third-party systems as a standalone effector. Its complete dome coverage area is substantially superior to the ‘donut’ coverage of other systems on the market. DroneShield is presently delivering this product to several key customers globally, under the purchase agreements with these customers.”

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