Record for largest drone swarm broken twice in September

By on 4 November, 2020

Drones launch over Zhuhai, Guangdong, China on September 20, 2020. Image: Guinness World Book of Records.

A monstrous swarm of drones over Saint Petersburg broke the Guinness world record for most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously — only to be dominated by China weeks later.

September 3, 2020: Geoscan launches a swarm of 2,198 of its 10cm Salute drones into the night sky over Saint Petersburg, Russia. Loaded with NEO-M8P RTK receivers made by u-blox, the illuminated drones performed a ten-minute aerial display, including a formation of a dove with a six-metre wingspan, visible from three kilometres away.

Geoscan’s 2,198 drones form a gigantic dove over Saint Petersburg on September 2, 2020. Image: u-blox.

Geoscan’s achievement edged out Intel Corporation’s effort of a 2,066-strong swarm over California’s Folsom on July 15, 2018 — making them the record-holder for the most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously.

September 20, 2020: Shenzhen Damoda Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd. launches 3,051 drones over Zhuhai, Guangdong, China to perform an aerial light show, snatching the record from Geoscan.

The drones performed a tribute to China’s space achievement, representing the Beidou satellite system, the Chinese Tiangong space station and Tiangong-1 Mars rover.

Watch a video of the mind-bending Chinese aerial performance below. Congratulations!

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